Exige Fisheries Limited right now handles the strongest fish supply chain from Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf, Shahpari Island, Saint Martin Island and Inani to allover the country. Exige Fisheries Limited collecting all kinds of sea fishes from Boat owners, Fisherman’s, Syndicates, Commission agents etc. Moreover Exige Fisheries Limited have their own boats and syndicate of ‘Dadon’ (advance) boats. Exige Fisheries deals the business in two major ways.
  • Collecting of fish (all kinds of sea fish) from suppliers i.e. commission based
  • Selling the fish to different buyers i.e. profit margin based.

Exige Fisheries Limited is the major suppliers of
  • Different Exporters
  • Arotders/ whole sellers
  • Different Hotels/ Motels/Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar
  • Retailers
Exige Fisheries Limited right now has the strongest Management and Working force required for the business. With their experience the dedicated workers under the management of Exige Fisheries limited collects about 80%-90% of Pomfret, 50%-60% of Hilsa and 30%-40% of other sea fish everyday that arrives in the landing station of Cox’s Bazar. Exige Fisheries Limited has a reputation of running the business in a fair way. Moreover, in respect of payment this gives them the strongest hold and better understanding among the fishermen, Boat owners and the Syndicates.

Sources of Fish
  • Costal fishermen
  • Boat Owners
  • Boats which has been booked by advance payment
  • Middleman syndicate
Sales of fish
  • Wholesalers
  • Exporters
  • Fish processing factories
  • Hotels & Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar & Teknaf
  • Retailers in Cox’s Bazar
Mode of Earnings
  • Commission
  • Margin
Future Business Plan
  • Single handedly control of entire fish supply chain of northern Chittagong.
  • Export of sea fishes
  • Establishment of boutique sea food restaurant in Cox’s Bazar which will be first of its kind. Also get involved in the blooming tourism business of Cox’s Bazar.

Exige Trading Limited
Exige Fisheries
Established: 2009
Location: Cox’s Bazar
Business Type: Agro & Fisheries based Trading

Company Address : Corporate office: Dhaka
Cox’s Bazar: BFDC Landing station, Airport road,
Cox’s bazaar-4700
Tel: +Dhaka phone +88-02-8933496
Cox Bazar 0341-64238